Angela DeSalvo is an Empath, Medium and innate Intuitive. Angela holds a Certification in Grief and Career Intuitive Coaching, Life Coaching as well as a degree in Child Development from Sacramento State University. Angela is an Emeritus Prayer Chaplain with Unity in Marin, a Certified Massage Therapist, a student of the Enneagram and a life long learner of Self and the unravelings of life itself.





S O U L  W O R K  S E S S I O N S - 75 minutes

Sessions begin with Angela sharing your individual Soul Reading meditation, and is followed by a facilitated discussion that will help you to arrive at an understanding of your own truth. Angela incorporates her studies of the enneagram, numerology, and basic astrology within her work, and will provide you with tools to identify and address patterns or structures that separate you from your truth.

Sessions are private. Clients often opt for multiple sessions.

G R I E F  C O A C H I N G  S E S S I O N S
 - 75 minutes

Angela uses her gift as a medium to give you understanding, clarity and validation to both the spoken and unspoken aspects of the nature of your relationship between you and your departed loved one. By crossing into the non-physical realm, the departed communicates in their own language from a place of wisdom, as ego no longer has control, allowing the truth of what was experienced in the physical realm to be more easily understood. This connection and opportunity for closure allows you to leave with a sense of calm, comfort and encouragement for those left behind.

Sessions are private. Clients may opt for multiple sessions. 


Day long workshops include facilitated discussion and exercises that may include activities such as listening, writing, song and movement) led through collaboration of various local facilitators.


Workshops are led by Angela, and co-facilitated by local professionals.



Circle series include facilitated discussion and exercises (self-inquiry, meditation, sharing, soul collaging, and creative writing) in order to share and connect over our sense of humanity, the human condition and our true nature.

Circle series typically follow a 5-week schedule.
Groups are kept small in size for a more intimate setting.




“I felt so seen by you, by divine, by my self — I laughed out loud at a few different points because it was so right on point- it was so much truth and so focused. You have such a wild gift and skill to see the honest and pure truth of someone’s essence and be able to verbalize it.”

"My visit with Angela was a spring board for the spiritual change my soul needed. Our meeting helped to clarify the underline issues I was ignoring in my life. The meditation she received helped me to find the courage within myself and realize my spiritual path. The counseling she gave me provided the tools to follow through with the change I needed."

“It is with graceful understanding and her honest intuition that Angela provides a truly transformative experience. She has helped me find tools within myself to accept loss, embrace change, and discover happiness.”

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