2018 Spring Workshop

Tending to The Sacred Within Us

April 8th, 2018

When inward tenderness finds the secret hurt, pain itself will crack the rock and AH!, Let the Soul emerge ~ Rumi

You don’t need to be in a current state of chaos or suffering to receive the Healing Power of Tending to Your Soul.

Allow yourself a day to tend to your soul in the safe company of others. You will gather to explore your relationship to grief through listening, writing, song and movement.  The day will end with an opportunity to acknowledge your grief in a safe and respectful place.

It is my intention to offer a safe space to come together as a community in order for us to bear witness to our own feelings of grief due to a wide variety of circumstances.  Grief doesn’t only affect us because we lose a loved one. Grief affects us every time something goes differently than we expected in our life or even in the world. Ancestral grief can live deep within us. When disappointment arises a certain level of grief accompanies it.  Throughout life this can become cumulative, taking a back seat to our everyday existence A crisis in a person’s life can feel almost unbearable if the tools haven’t been established or the opportunity to grieve hasn’t been allowed, setting a person up for a deep unexplained sadness, depression or even an avoidance of pain through addictions of any kind.

Your life can be filled with good times and the company of people who make you feel good and bring joy to your life.  Isn’t this what many of us seek?  Let’s be honest though, when the noise stops, the parties end, happy hour is over, binge-TV is put to rest and the addictions become unhealthy, what is left?  The heavy heart, the longing for the loved one who has passed or the current political climate.  The house that no longer stands, the business that didn’t make it, or the school/job acceptance that didn’t pan out.  How about a change in physical ability or even the slow effects of aging?  This list can go on forever, but if we stop long enough, we come into contact with the subtle or overwhelming feeling of grief.  When these feelings of the soul are not addressed, the manifestation of grief makes its way out in many forms in our life.

I am offering a day to give yourself the space that is needed in a safe, sacred, nourishing environment to come and give your grief to the alter.
However, that may look. In doing so you will have honored yourself and the pain of whatever or whomever you are grieving over, whether or not you are conscious of it.

If you are seeking authentic joy, the kind that comes from within, not dependent on outside circumstances, then come and allow your deep sorrow to register, so you can feel the high register of joy, which is your birthright.  This is the place of the spiritually and emotionally mature adult. Come and set you spirit free—at least for today!

April 8, 2018
10am – 3:30pm
Petaluma, Ca
Early Bird Ticket: $115 (before March 1)
Ticket Price: $135
Gourmet Lunch Included
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Led by Angela DeSalvo


Angela has come to realize her gifts as natural born medium and empathic intuitive as she continues to do her personal inner work.  She is a Certified Intuitive Life Coach, specializing in grief and career coaching, and holds a degree in Child Development from California State University, Sacramento.

At the age of four or five, Angela recalls a connection that would later become understood as a connection to her spirit guides. As time went on and her spiritual maturity developed, Angela would come to realize her gifts of emotional intelligence and being an Empath. In 1999, with the passing of a dear friend, she came to realize her gift of mediumship. She is able to connect with your departed loves ones, helping to bring peace and understanding to your relationship with them. With her personal study of Numerology and the Enneagram, Angela has been able to take her natural gifts and tie them together with other modalities to help countless number of people not only connect with their loved ones, but see their personal lives more clearly and receive validation for who they really are. Throughout her early life, Angela witnessed the physical and mental illness of those closest to her.  Her  apprenticeship with trauma and grief began early in life. This ultimately offered her the resilience to become the primary caregiver for her eldest daughter who broke her neck and became paralyzed in 2007 at the age of fifteen. Angela’s life is a testament to the groundwork she is able to provide in caring for and supporting others, however that may transpire.





Shamanic Practioner Jennifer Grais is a graduate of the 3-year advanced program taught by Michael Harner/The Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  She studied energy healing in India at the Oneness University.  She is also a professional singer who toured with Jackson Browne, and uses her voice in sound healing.  Her new album, “They Were Here, is a collaboration with award-winning drummer and recording artist Byron Metcalf, and she is so grateful for all of the people who contributed to Kickstarter to make the album a reality!
Jennifer lives in Northern California where she sees clients, leads healing circles for children and adults, and speaks to teens about her teen fiction novel, Christa’s Luck. (The story of a girl, her horse, and the last wild mustangs) which she co-wrote with her husband, Michael Grais.
Jennifer is passionate about raising awareness both spiritually and environmentally through her singing, her teaching, her writing, and her healing work.


Emily Cox Turek has spent her life developing her innate talent for, and love of, understanding the human body in all its capabilities. Starting at age three with her enrollment in a gymnastics program, she has built a personal strength – literal and metaphorical – which has aided her in her journey through the world of traditional dance. She has been dancing competitively since adolescence, first through Terpsichore and then the Cal Poly Ballroom Dance Team. Further formal dance education followed at the SFSU University Dance Theatre, where she graduated with a BA in Dance Performance and Choreography.  Since then, her energies have been devoted to The Butterfly Ship.




Tessa Rae is a songwriter, poet, dancer, and teacher. She recognizes the linked essence of words, music, and dance, and the power of their combined expression. Her studies took her to the East Coast where she studied music and writing at Middlebury College, to France where she studied at the Ecole Normale de Musique, and then back to the West Coast where she has performed in dance/music productions at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Bay Area theaters and dance and music venues, and taught music and musical theater. These activities have resulted in the co-founding and directing of The Butterfly Ship.