Angela has come to realize her gifts as a natural born medium and empathic intuitive as she continues to do her personal inner work. She is a Certified Intuitive Life Coach, with a focus in grief and career coaching, and holds a degree in Child Development from California State University, Sacramento.




A N G E L A   D E S A L V O  -  Medium, Empath, Certified Intuitive Life Coach, B.A. in Child Development

At the age of four or five, Angela recalls a connection that would later become understood as a connection to her spirit guides. As time went on and her spiritual maturity developed, Angela would come to realize her gifts of emotional intelligence and being an Empath. In 1999, with the passing of a dear friend, she came to realize her gift of mediumship. She is able to connect with your departed loves ones, helping to bring peace and understanding to your relationship with them. With her personal study of Numerology and the Enneagram, Angela has been able to take her natural gifts and tie them together with other modalities to help countless number of people not only connect with their loved ones, but see their personal lives more clearly and receive validation for who they really are.

Throughout her early life, Angela witnessed the physical and mental illness of those closest to her.  Her  apprenticeship with trauma and grief began early in life. This ultimately offered her the resilience to become the primary caregiver for her eldest daughter who broke her neck and became paralyzed in 2007 at the age of fifteen. Angela's life is a testament to the groundwork she is able to provide in caring for and supporting others, however that may transpire.

A R E A S   O F   I N T E R E S T // P E O P L E  O F  I N F L U E N C E

Mysticism – Divine Connection
The Enneagram – Russ Hudson & Jessica Dibbs
Numerology – Sue Frederick’s & Alan Oken
The Diamond Approach A H Almaas

Sacred Contracts – Carolyn Myss
Shamanic work – Sandra Ingerman 

Shamanic work – Jose Luis Stevens
Grief Work – Francis Weller


“I felt so seen by you, by divine, by my self — I laughed out loud at a few different points because it was so right on point- it was so much truth and so focused. You have such a wild gift and skill to see the honest and pure truth of someone’s essence and be able to verbalize it.”

"My visit with Angela was a spring board for the spiritual change my soul needed. Our meeting helped to clarify the underline issues I was ignoring in my life. The meditation she received helped me to find the courage within myself and realize my spiritual path. The counseling she gave me provided the tools to follow through with the change I needed."

“It is with graceful understanding and her honest intuition that Angela provides a truly transformative experience. She has helped me find tools within myself to accept loss, embrace change, and discover happiness.”

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